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It was specifically designed to lubricate all moving parts in freshwater and saltwater fishing reels. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Im going to flush my bearings on my chronarch and core and wanted an honest opinion about reel oil. The third book in gino wickmans business series and coauthored by mark winters, rocket fuel takes the concept of visionary and integrator up a notch. Shop spools and accessories compatible with fishing reel shimano ultegra 14000 xtd.

Rocket propellant is the reaction mass of a rocket. Ss geez that is sooo complicated to try to fill your head with type, temp, and what for makes it too hard. Rocket fuel fleshes out who these people are, what they do for a company. For fishing use one of the fibre brake blocks and line level 2mm down from the spool lip with 0. I use a synthetic ts341 oil, and synthetic multi purp grease as far as super tuning, i look at the pinion and main gear under mag glass to look for imperfections, and try removing any bits, and i can install carbontex drag disk and boca. The book is essentially about how wildly successful companies are led and run by a team a visionary and a integrator. Sea fishing tackle using oil on multiplier reels the rocket reel company duration. Red label rocketfuel reel lubricant the rocket reel company. Use a single brake block for fishing with yellow rf or to slow things down a little more use the thicker red rf. Ideal for all centrifugally braked and magnetically braked bass fishing reels. Heating oil tank gauges fuel transfer pumps gas station. Tgs rocket fuel reel oil lube 30ml yellow label for sale. Tg new rocket fuel hispeed fishing reel oilgrease amazon uk.

If the reel is then a bit too slow, rtemove one brake block or go down a setting on the magnet. Rocket reels range of oils the rocket real company. Once again the thinner lube needed to maintain all of the magical properties of the original. A thinner oil will be cast out of a bearing more quickly but will also run faster. Tony gittins kicked off tg developments in the mid 1970s with rocket fuel reel oil, progressing to supplying ceramic bearings, and latterly.

Rocket fuel fishing reel lubricant tournament formula 30 ml. This reaction mass is ejected at the highest achievable velocity from a rocket engine to produce thrust. I started using tsi321 about two years ago and will not use anything else. Currently i only have access to airfloat charcoal, what would be a good potassium nitratesulfurairfloat charcoal based formula for core burner rockets 1lb. Tgs rocket fuel yellow label hi speed long distance casting. Im currently using yellow label rocket fuel oil and super lube grease. Yellow label was the first in the tg developments range which was discovered and dev.

Lucas fishing reel oil is a special blend of oil and additives. It has blueprints for every stage of the game up to launching a rocket, plus a belted mall for building your larger base afterwards. Tgs rocket fuel reel oil grease hook line n sinker uk. Formulated to give maximum control and maximum distance. Treat this like a learning adventure, and you will figure it all out, and still have tons to learn like all of us. Tgs rocket fuel hispeed reel oils, red label, yellow label. Tgs rocket fuel red label slighly thicker oil for mag reels and boat reels.

Bearings 101 tackletour published a great article on fishing reel bearings. We repair rods, reels, trolling motors, depth sounders, downriggers and coleman outdoor products. Out of the box these reels have yellow rocket fuel in the bearings and the two brake blocks are in a bag with the spanner and spare oil. I used yellow rocket fuel for years with good results. For a while now ive been working on a complete bootstrap blueprint book for factorio 0. If the reel is too fast, then go to the red label rocket oil available from breakaway usa via mail order. Tgs rocket fuel red label slighly thicker oil for mag reels and boat reels following on from the success of the original yellow label, tg developments identified a need for a lubricant with a higher viscosity, which was needed to control the new generation of magnetically controlled multipliers as the spool on this style of reels was still. This includes spool bearing, side plate bearing, cast control knob bearing, worm gear bearing and main shaft bearing. Even an automotive pao synthetic oil like mobil 1 can be used as a good fishing reel oil.

Best fishing reel oil and best fishing reel grease. Should i be using a different oil or grease on all the other bearings other than the spool bearing. Tackle and development is centrally located in corpus christi, the heart of the texas coastline. Page 1 of 3 good bp based rocket fuel posted in rocketry. Page 2 of 34 rocket fuel is a powerful model for freeing up entrepreneurial visionaries to do what they do best. New tgs tg rocket fuel hispeed fishing reel oil grease. It is high speed and has good protective qualities. Have a look below, chances are we have exactly what youre looking for. Created by rocket fuel coauthor gino wickman, eos short for the entrepreneurial operating system is a system of tools, concepts and philosophies thats aimed at helping entrepreneurs maximizing their chances for success. Fishing reel tool kits, oils, greases and line strippers. Well, they explode the concept and expand your mind on just how important this ying and yang relationship has been proven to be with examples of a few companies that exemplify the concept. A 30ml bottle of tg developments, tournament rocket fuel.

Winters explain the vital importance of having both a visionary and an integratorand show how that relationship can provide the rocket fuel your company needs to achieve its full potential. Powered by five firststage engines fueled by rocket grade kerosene, the saturn v remains the tallest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever built. If you bought a 5500 cs mag you already have the right stuff. Petroleum is fuel derived from crude oil and hydrocarbons, cryogens are those stored at very low temperatures such as liquid hydrogen, while hypergols are able to selfignite on contact between the fuel and the oxidiser.

In rocket fuel, awardwinning dietitian matt kadey offers up delicious, creative, and convenient realfood recipes to power your everyday exercise and weekend adventures kadeys ingenious rocket fuel foodslike easytomake muffins, bars, pies, bites, gels, smoothies, balls, wraps, and cookieswill inspire how you fuel for your favorite sports. Rocket fuel is possibly the best reel oil on the market, used by the professionals red is used for medium speed,yellow is used for medium to fast reels,tournament is ultra fast reel oil, and grease. In the past i made smaller rockets with coarser charcoal that worked quite well mind you they had no. Whether bass fishing, tournament casting, or fishing for the big boys in the surf, a precision tuned reel. Tgs developments tournament rocket fuel oil jims reel shop. Since 1933, the fuel lube and trucking industries have trusted hannay reels to dispense gas, water, air, and nitrogen. I have had personal experience of motor oil throwing in a reel and contaminating the drag stack but never had the problem with rf. On july 16, 1969, kerosene rocket fuel powered the first stage of the saturn v of the apollo 11 mission.

It fills a void that undermines most entrepreneurial. All products on this page are normally in stock unless otherwise specified. Now with that said, reel butter and hot sauce are both good lubricants but like has been mentioned the grease version doesnt seem to last as long as the super lube and the oil versions are okay but i definitely get a better performance out of the rocket fuel doesnt seem to slow the reel down as quickly during a cast. By using the liquid control of rocket fuel in conjunction with either magnetic controls or fibre brake blocks you can achieve troublefree maximum range all the time with no tension on the spool whatsoever. The first fishing reels, or winches, were simple reels of the centrepin design. John m ellsworth co inc, a distributor of fuel transfer pumps, service station equipment, nozzles, filters, transfer tanks, gauges etc. Tgs rocket fuel reel oil lube 30ml yellow label for sale online. I did a search but could not find anything specific to my enquiry. Use this diagram as a guide to locate and maintain these areas with the correct lubricant. Shimano recommends to use nothing but their oil line. Fishpond united states, new tgs tg rocket fuel hispeed fishing reel oil greasebuy. I use moderate speed oil like yellow rocket fuel or reel butter bearing oil.

Tg rocket bearings abu inboard spool bearings 4x10x4 abu ambassadeur screw set. Tournament formula was created to satisfy the demand from tournament casters who wished to run their magnetically controlled reels as quickly as possible. Never use any kind of oil thats known to contain tfe. Not interested in hot sauce although i use it on my speed spools. Best oil for a reel distance casting forum surftalk. Tfe is a solid and itll solidify inside your moving. New tgs tg rocket fuel hispeed fishing reel oilgrease by. The one essential combination that will get you more of what you want from your business.

Reason im asking is, i use rocket fuel for all the bearings in my reel. Tg rocket fuel red label has a higher viscosity than their other oils and is ideal for general use in the bearings of all makes of modern multipliers from the abu. Due to the introduction of covid19 lockdown restrictions announced by the uk government on mon 23 march 2020 is running a very. Used by most top anglers and tournament casters to keep their reels under control and running sweetly. You can use faster oils, even 3 in one oil if you are meticulous about regular maintenance, which most of us are not. The rocket reel companys range of hybrid ceramic multiplier and baitcaster bearings are the worlds best fishing reel bearings. Abu includes a good bearing oil with the reel, and rocket fuel oil and std oil with some models rockets, mags. The best fishing reel oil will be made from a high quality grade pure light machine oil. It provides the utmost in rust and corrosion protection even under the most adverse conditions. In order to keep your reels in top condition you should lubricate key areas to ensure that your day on the water is a success. Designed over 20 years ago specifically to control the speed of multiplier and baitcaster bearings to enable the angler to achieve their maximum casting potential, anglers and fisherman all over the world now use. If you want to get championship performance then this is the quickest way to do it. The breakaway rfr rocket fuel oil breakaway is a high quality product.

Tgs rocket fuel yellow label reel oil mediumfast speed. Whats your preferencesuper fast, super slow, or maybe you need some oceanworthy heavier lube. Following on from the success of the original yellow label, tg developments identified a need for a lubricant with a higher viscosity,which was needed to control the new generation of magnetically controlled multipliers as the spool on this style of reels was still overrunning with yellow label. Fishntech tgs rocket fuel the rocket reel companys range of multiplier, baitcaster and fishing reel lubricants are the worlds best fishing reel performance tuning lubricants.

For rockets and elites a medium weight oil red rocket fuel to keep things under control. Performance increases are most notable when casting lighter weights. After putting in more than 40 hours on research and testing, were confident weve found the best rocket fuel fishing reel oil for most people. The rocket reel company home of the tgf1 performance reel. Once the oil was distributed throughout the bearings i gave the reel a. Spools and accessories compatible with fishing reel shimano. Abec rated bearings of 59 are great for spool bearing upgrades if they are certified. In particular, eos aims to help leadership teams excel at three things. The cookie settings on this website are set to allow all cookies to give you the very best experience.

The white tube with the red stripe is yellow label rocket oil. The visionary is the big picture person and the integrator is the rubber meets the road make shit happen person. Thats because our custom hose and cable reels are not retrofitted to the job, but created specifically for fuel delivery applications. Our lp gas reels are available in aluminum, stainless steel, ecoated, and painted steel.

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